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Comics Review - Loads of Spoilers

From this week:

Scalped #38
Another sort of "one-shot" discussing someone who comes into contact with Gina and Dash. It's the story of a Native American fighting in Vietnam and getting out of Saigon on the last day. The visual aspect of the story is cool and I'm interested to see where it goes. I think he
might be Dash's dad.

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #2
It's beginning to get into Grant Morrison crazy person land. Bruce is lost in time and doesn't quite remember who he is. Superman is looking for him. In this issue, he's in colonial Gotham and there are witch trials. A woman is hanged for witchcraft and before her execution curses a member of the Wayne family.

Thor #610
Thor is unexiled. Thor kills clone Thor. Recap of Siege. But.. BILL IS IN VALHALLA! Hells yeah! Kelda can't visit him, but she knows he is there.

X-Force #27
The X-Men are made aware of X-Force. Lots of violence and gore. Cable and X-Force go into the future to stop Nimrods from coming into the past. Cyclops says it's a one-way mission and they can't come back. But fear not dear readers, they have Wolverine, and he's the best there is at what he does, and what he does is sell comics.

Madame Xanadu #23
I'm glad this story with Morgana is over because it was 8 issues long and it was way too long. But her team up with John Jones was fun!

Secret Avengers #1
I like the team. I like the direction. I am happy with Brubaker.

From the catch up pile:

Birds of Prey #1
Sooooo... who is this person that is making life miserable for Barbara? Lady Shiva? Cassie Cain? Some... new chick? The new team seems good, it's the old team with the addition (sigh) Hawk & Dove, which is fucking lame. Ed Benes' art is good, so I'm happy.

Doomwar #4
Doom vs. Fantastic Four, Storm, Black Panther and Wakanda continues. Doom is kicking ass. Deadpool is sent in to take Doom out.

Gotham City Sirens #12
Catwoman's sister goes crazy and decides that Selina is possessed by demons. She kicks Harley Quinn's ass, kills a nun and goes after Selina. I hate Tony Bedard.

Invincible Iron Man #26: I'm giving Matt Fraction a shot. I'm not a huge fan of the story so far, but it's only two issues and everyone has been slobbering all over his Iron Man run. I want to see where it goes. Tony is basically setting up Stark from the ground up over again.

Amazing Spider-Man #590: Spidey and the Fantastic Four travel to another dimension where they rescue some people and are asked to return a few years later but hundreds of years have passed in the alternate dimension. Johnny Storm figures out that the last time they went, Spidey didn't have a mask and he knew who he was. The issue ends with the Torch trying to burn Spidey's mask off. Oh yeah, and the people in the other dimension consider them gods and have statues built in their honor. Generic, don't you think?

Action Comics #344: Superman is having crazy dreams, but it takes him all issue to figure out it's Red Kryptonite. Backup story with Supergirl going to another Earth where things are very similar except teenagers are in charge and they elect Linda Danvers president. And they hate Supergirl. And at the end of the issue, she's discovered as having the dual identity.

Jonah Hex #46 - #52
Yay, almost caught up on Jonah Hex! A few stories, but the most notable is issue #50. Darwyn Cooke does the art. It's still a fun series, not sure how the film will be.

JSA vs. Kobra #1 & #2
I liked Checkmate a lot so getting back into stuff that went down in that series is always good. The art by Kramer is not great and I don't really like Power Girl. Mr. Terrific absolutely rocks. It was a six-issue mini and I should be able to plow through the rest of it because it's pretty decent, despite the Power Girl.
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