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My Thoughts On The DC Reboot...

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love Geoff Johns.

My first reaction to the DC reboot was "what, again?" Or as Lorne put it "Hm, another DC reboot? Has it been a year already?"

I have to say that what I'm most caught up about is this business with 52 #1s. I hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. We have comics in their 500s: Adventure Comics, 600s: Wonder Woman, 700s: Batman, Superman, Detective and 900s: Action Comics. And I am angry that they are being discontinued to make way for this #1 gimmicky bullcrap.

But something occurred to me. Is DC going to blow the chance to have an Action Comics #1000? Oh HELL no. They will revive the original numbering a la Wonder Woman, Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Incredible Hulk, Invincible Iron Man and Mighty Thor in order to sell an oversized "not drawing the line at $2.99" anniversary book. Oh! I bet Alex Ross will do the cover. Maybe Jim Lee will do an alternate with an homage to Action #1 or any other famous Action title.

That was the worst part for me. Now that I'm over that, let's go to Problem #2: Digital Comics

People Are Going To Pirate Them. People torrent comics now without someone scanning the pages in for them. I'm hoping that with the advent of the tablet people will be willing to keep a digital collection and pay for it. I won't because I love to have a physical copy. I like to read it and hold it and flip back pages and just enjoy as a comic should be enjoyed. But not everyone has that attachment the way I do.

However, that leaves the Local Comic Shop out in the dark. Imagine this, you can bypass your local comic shop and download comics from the laziness of your own home. That means your comic shop will have to work harder to sustain their part of the market. And are the numbers going to go down? I think DC Women Kicking Ass said that DC was offering full returns in September if you order 125% of what you ordered in May. So yeah, you can return it but you have to order MORE than you did in May. And are fans going to just drop the books? I know I will be dropping a lot of DC. I read a lot of DC right now and I'm not planning on grabbing the #1s on a lot of stuff. So that means Collectibles Unlimited, The Comic Store, Double Midnight and other shops are going to have to convince readers to grab the #1s. Is the local comic shop going to go the way of Blockbuster and Movie Gallery vs. Netflix?

Will new fans pick up the #1s? That I can't answer. If you have a great name recognition on the book (like the Geoff Johns/Jim Lee matchup on Justice League) people might try it. I've been so sick of Geoff Johns in the last few years I could scream, but I will give him a shot on Justice League.

But the other books? Brian Azzarello on Wonder Woman? Meh. Scott Lobdell on Teen Titans? Seriously, Scott Lobdell is still alive? I want DC to court Greg Rucka back. I want to see great writers on great characters. I want Gail Simone to write as much as her little fingers will let her. It's like I always say, I love DC characters, I hate DC editorial staff.

So I'm waiting on a lot of the announcements of writers and artists.

Let's move to Batman, shall we? Okay, Bats is going back to #1. (Sorry 1940. Your legacy sucks.) I assume Bruce will be Bats and based on the cover from Bleeding Cool Dick will be Nightwing again which is a damn shame because Dick and Damian as Batman and Robin was a fine read indeed. It was great to watch Dick try and take the burden of responsibility from Bruce. And I loved Tim as Red Robin.

So who's Robin? Damian? Tim? God forbid... Stephanie? Is Jason dead again?

And Batgirl? I've heard the rumor that Babs is going to be Batgirl. Is she cured? Or did the Joker never shoot her? What about Cassie? What about Stephanie? And for that matter, does that negate Birds of Prey? Birds of Prey with Gail Simone writing is one of the most fun books DC has to offer.

And DC's announced that Green Lantern is going to have 4 titles. Can they sustain 4? I'd say they've done okay sustaining three (of which I read one) but is four necessary? Yes, I get it. Geoff Johns is in love with Hal Jordan the way Bendis loves Luke Cage, but Luke Cage doesn't have four books at Marvel. Just sayin'.

And Diana? Are we getting rid of the new Jim Lee costume and JMS origin? Is someone going to give Diana the justice she deserves? If it's Brian Azzarrello on the book, I'm not convinced that's going to happen. New origin or old? New costume or old? Is someone going to make her relevant and not just the token girl of the Justice League? Diana deserves the same respect as Batman and Superman. DC has committed a crime against its readers by not making Diana the interesting, readable powerhouse she should be. Why is it that out of the Big Three Diana is the one who gets cancelled and rebooted the most? Why does she support one book and Superman and Batman can support 4+ titles? Remember Greg Rucka's run? That's how you do it, my friends.

Speaking of the Big Blue, who's going to do that? JMS is going to be writing graphic novels, so who is on the hook for Superman? New origin? Or is Earth 1 his origin? Is Lois in the dark again? I assume Pa Kent is still alive. What about Kara, dammit? And Conner? Where are they going to be? Krypto? (I love superpets. This is important to me.)

Aquaman is back. Meh. I got Peter David's run out of the quarter bin a few years ago and still kinda felt ripped off. Is Mera going to no longer be spewing Red Lantern gook? And the many forgettable deaths in the Aquaman family? Are those characters going to be around?

And what about the Martian Manhunter?

And the Flash? Is it all coming out of Flashpoint? I assume we're dealing with Barry, not Wally. Where's Bart? Max? Jay?

Speaking of Jay, what about the Justice Society? And the Legion? What are they going to do to my poor Legion this time??

To be fair, my favorite DC characters are: Tim Drake, Selina Kyle, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Wally West, Bart Allen, Flash Rogues Gallery, Kara Zor-El and Bats. Also, that Red Lantern Cat. I need to know what's going to happen to them before I decide to "Make Mine (Pretty Much Just) Marvel".

I guess what I need is answers. Right now, DC can say good-bye to a lot of my money. If I get announcements of writers that I'm happy about, I'll give the titles another shot. If it's some no name writer and artist, I have no interest in investing myself into another DC Universe that's going to be gone before you can say Zero Hour.

I think I compared this reboot to the New Coke the other day. I hope that when everyone starts screaming about how they miss Classic DCU (post-Crisis) we can get it back. But how many people complained after the original Crisis? Did it do any good? Is the widespread use of the Internet going to give DC the feedback they need on this?

I don't want DC to fail. I don't want any company that produces comics to fail because I love this industry and I want everyone to be successful. I want DC to be successful but I don't want their success to come by alienating readers and local comic shops. I just want it to be fair for everyone.

And to be fair to DC, props on a ballsy move. But it may be too much for me. I might just stay home.
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