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The iPad...not a rant.

I've saved my ranting about the iPad for my friend Patrick.  Why bother yelling at the internet when you can get into arguments in person with dear friends and nearly come to blows in the process?  Anyway, here's what's on my mind:

The iPad is expensive; mighty expensive if one plans on getting any of the versions that actually have memory that isn't laughable and 3G.  The one issue that is pertinent to this head space is the concept of comic books on the damn thing.  Now both the iPod touch and the iPhone have had comic book readers since sometime in 2007 or early 2008, so that's not that big of a deal, except we're talking about a screen that's far closer to the actually size of a comic page with crisp digital resolution.  Despite my rantings on other subjects, this is not something to be ignored.

Panelfly is the company who makes this app for the touches, and is now engineering something specifically for the iPad, and spec images look...really good. I'm not entirely sure just how robust their current catalog is, but it's got the big titles like Iron Man and Avengers, and similar fare, more important to folks like me, they have contracts with a ton of independent publishers.  Ok, found a full list: Check the website's publication list here. Not as many as there could be, but this is pre-iPad.  Oh, and y'know how Disney bought Marvel?  Well the CEO of DIsney plans to aggressively support the iPad including releasing Marvel books on it.  Did I mention the Steve Jobs owns 7% of Disney's stock? Pertinent article here.

So what does this mean and why am I talking about it?  Well currently Panelfly is selling books for $1.  There's no way that lasts if Marvel opens up the catalog, they'll probably rise to $2 just to keep a certain amount of sales in the print books. 

Do you plan on getting an iPad?  Would you switch your comics over to it if the prices was $2 a book?  What price is the right price?  Other thoughts? How might Diamond deal with this?

Personally I won't be buying an iPad, just not enough functionality for me and at the wrong price to boot.  I stopped buying monthly titles about 5 months ago when Triad closed and even then I was only buying 6-7 titles a month.  Perhaps if I could move 20 titles over to the iPad the monthly savings would start to justify it, but I'm not sure.

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